ICO: 250M

1 MASTERNODE = 25,000
Projected HARDCap = 20,000 ETH

*** All users are required to provide KYC identification photos
** USA citizens are not permitted to participate in ICO
* ALL UNSOLD TOKEN WILL LOCKED for 2 years by smart contract

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token generated event DATES

June 17 - 23, Week 1 .30 cents 25% bonus coins
June 24 -30, Week 2 .40 cents 20% bonus coins
July 1-7, Week 3 .50 cents 15% bonus coins

July 17-23, Week 1 .60 cents 10% Bonus coins
July 24-30, Week 2 .65 cents 5% Bonus coins
Aug 1-7, Week 3 .70 cents 2% Bonus Coins


Bulk bonus 
1M +


Bulk bonus
500K + 999K


Bulk bonus
250K - 499K


Bulk bonus
50K - 99K
wize tokens

Token Allocation 

20 Million tokens reserved for Founders
Development Team and board of advisors

80 Million Tokens Research & Development
locked for 24 month via smart contract

AI Bounties / 50 Million Tokens

Luna AI Platform, Marketplace, Rewards, Promotion
(locked for 12 month via smart contract)

Miners / 100 Million Tokens

50% Miners and Luna AI contributors 50%
(locked for 12 month, 12 years mining algorithm)

wize tokens


Research and Development of new IoT products 50%
Marketing and Branding 20%
Business Development (strategic partners)10%
Logictics 5%
Legal 5%
Team 10%

Our Token Philosophy

The currency of our community is ideas. For more concrete transactions, we use Wize Coins, our unique, minable tokens that have been specially developed by our team. Wize Tokens will be used to purchase Wize products. They also act as community rewards, and are accessible to crypto miners thanks to our Blockchain. People from around the world, excluding US citizens, are free to purchase Wize Coins at our upcoming ICO to capture the greatest possible value.

ETH raised by the ICO will go directly back into our community – funding the development of further software, hardware, and artificial intelligence innovations. The tokens will also be listed on major crypto exchanges to improve the ease of purchasing and trading coins. A sophisticated marketing plan, run by one of the most talented minds in the business, is already in place to increase public awareness of our offering and widen the pool of people able to enjoy WizeBit's products.

Our Products

  • Blockchain
    Wizebit Blockchain 

    WizeBit Blockchain is the foundation to building enterprise solutions with Decentralized Cloud Computing.
    Blockchain technology ensures all transactions are secure and redundant, while providing low latency data throughput. WizeBit integrates this process with encrypted channels, providing seamless security and data protection on networks and devices.

  • WizeBox
    Wize Box (diamond and mini)

    All-in-one secure solution for home automation. WizeBox is the first decentralized assistant that protects your data from being shared online. What happens in your home should remain in your home.

  • My AI "Luna"
    My AI <Platform>

    Luna is an open-source blockchain enabled personal assistant. She uses AI to get to know what you mean and intend by your requests. Users will be able to program custom commands through an AI Platform.


WizeBit Blockchain
Ghost Drive (Encrypted Storage)
Wize Protocol
Voice authentication
Home Automation Suite
Home Security System
Encrypted Calling and Chat
Wize Wallet
My AI  <Platform>
IoT Marketplace

Funding goal | Benchmarks

WIzebox Diamond + R&D New PRoductS -35M+
Wizebox, My ai Platform - 20M+
WizeBox mini - 5M
WizeBit Blockchain Network - 2.5M


email to [email protected] if you've got more questions and we'll do our best to answer.

  • Are there any companies using WizeBit Blockchain already? -Virtual reality platform "Ceek City" - Decentralized Social Network

  • What is WizeBit and its business model?

    Please see our pitch deck for further detailed information

  • What’s your key advantage?

    Built on the belief that your personal data belongs to you, WizeBit grants access to technology without compromising your right to privacy.

  • Why have you decided to create a platform?

    We are building our own platform to enable the community and developers from around the globe to participate in a future forward concept. Providing tools to create content and applications for devices of tomorrow. Your privacy and data belong to you and not 3rd party resellers.

  • What currencies are you accepting?


  • How can I buy WIZE during Token Sale?

    You can purchase through our custom built token sale platform located at . All tokens will be dispersed within 2 weeks after the ICO sale ends.

  • What is the WIZE token?

    The WIZE token will be used to purchase products, reward community, and be utilized in the mining of tokens on our devices.

  • What blockchain are you using?

    We are using our own blockchain built from scratch in order to have a proper foundation for software to live on. You can see more information and gain access to our code by visiting

  • Can I mine WIZE tokens?

    Our device will have a properly adjust hash algorithm that will be built proprietary for our devices. This will ensure proper balance of distribution for our community.

  • What problems are you solving?

    A cyber-protected control center that encrypts everything smart devices see, hear, and learn into an anonymous profile that makes it impossible for third parties to exploit and can only be unlocked by its user.

  • Will the team members and founders have control over their tokens immediately?

    To prove our good intent and bring PROOF OF TOSS to the world in the shape and form that we think will benefit all of its users, we are locking the reserved tokens as follows:

    · 50% of tokens allocated for team and founders will be locked for 1 year
    · Another 50% for 2 years
    · Tokens allocated for the TOSS Fund – for 1 year.

  • Do you offer any bonuses for referrals?

    We offer a 5% bonus in WIZE tokens for each referral.